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How it Works?

First thing you need to know, CEBU has a handling time of ZERO DAYS.

But, what does that mean? It means that we'll send your boots the same day you make the order through our website and send you the shipping tracking number. Please save this number in a safe place and use it to check the exact day you can expect your delivery

But then, when can you expect your perfect new boots at your door?

Please allow the courier (UPS, Fedex or USPS depending which area are you located in) 2-3 business days to make the delivery of your new best boots

But, What happens if I don't receive my box?

Should you find that the package hasn't reached you despite your carrier tracking number indicating its delivery, rest assured, we're here to resolve the situation. Please reach out to us at:

1. Contact us page


3. +1 (832) 718-0194

As you can see we have you covered and we're here to help with every issue!